About Project

CISSD-MIS System is a comprehensive android and web-based application to record all the data related to Care India solution for sustainable development project in a single system including the Household Profile,BCO Profile, Training, Monitoring, Convergence and contribution of CBOs formed in the intervention areas.

For effective management and monitoring of CBOs, Care India has developed an Mobile and web-based Management Information System with the support of Tattva Foundation.

Here are some key details and features ofCISSD MIS:

  • Profile Registration: The Application allows users (Community Resource Person) to create and update the profile of Households, CBOs and FBS. Also, can add the member in households and CBOs.
  • Training Management: Application allows users to manage the CBOs and FBS training and training assessment details in the application.
  • User Management: Application allows adminuser to create new users and assign role to them or manage the role of exiting users.
  • Survey form Management: Admin users has the rights to create new survey forms or add or remove questions from existing form.
  • Reports: System has multiple reports to monitor the survey data and analysis for survey data based on different indicators.