Stop TIKA - The Immunization Knowledge Sharing App Unicef, India

About Project

TIKA - The Immunization Knowledge Sharing App is a revolutionary mobile app designed to transform traditional vaccination workflows in rural India. Unlike manual methods, Jeevan-Jyoti empowers community and block workers with real-time data tools for faster reporting, comprehensive beneficiary counselling, and efficient operational analysis. With Jeevan-Jyoti, user can now seamlessly record child registration, vaccination services, and beneficiary counselling data at the village level. The app also provides daily action plans and beneficiary lists, while sending collected information for real-time analysis at block, district, and state levels. This digital app promises to significantly strengthen your efforts and accelerate India's progress towards complete vaccination.

Here are some key details and features of Digital Monitoring System (DMS):

  • User Registration: User IDs will be created by Administrator and end user will register in the application using the provided user ID and password after login user can change the password.
  • Child Registration: Community Mobilization Coordinators can register the children in the application and track and update the immunization status.
  • Beneficiary Counselling: Application allows users to do the beneficiary counselling using the application and fill the counselling form in the application.
  • Work Plan: Application allows users to create the immunization work plan and beneficiary counselling work plan using the application.
  • Dashboard: Under this functionality user can view the graphical and tabular reports.