Solid Waste Management for Northern Railways (German Development Cooperation GIZ)

About Project

Both training packages were hosted on the UPCCCE knowledge portal LMS of the Department of Environment.

Key Features:
The Training Package on Waste Management and Circular Economy Solutions provided a detailed understanding of day-to-day operations and the prevailing scenario of waste management policies within the Indian Railways. It featured self-paced courses with interactive content and quizzes to enhance user knowledge and understanding.

For Solid Waste Management, the e-learning content was cross-browser compatible, responsive, visually appealing, and user-friendly. It could be accessed on both Personal Computers and Mobile Devices. Role-wise credential systems (Admin & Learner) were incorporated for effective user role management. Dynamic Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on the training modules facilitated online assessments, leading to automatic certificate generation.

The LMS was customized for enrollment, access to e-learning material, conducting online assessments, evaluation, and certification. Interactive training sessions for test users and administrators covered instruction manual explanations and demonstrations on system usage and administration. Both projects were executed in collaboration with the German Development Cooperation GIZ.