MaNTrA:Revolutionizing Maternal and Newborn Care in Uttar Pradesh UNICEF India


June 2021- Ongoing (as of Feb,2024)

Project Domain

Reproductive and Child Health


5,700+ Public Health Facilities, 820 Blocks, 75 Districts

Number of Users

10,000 + Staff Nurses/CHOs/ANMs

About MaNTrA: Evidence-Based Care, Driven by Data

MaNTrA is an e-health platform developed by the National Health Mission (NHM) of Uttar Pradesh and UNICEF with a single vision: to provide better childbirth care through data-driven insights. In a remarkably short time, MaNTrA has digitized admission, labor room, and referral processes across the state's vast network of public hospitals. This mobile (Android) and web-based app collects critical details on the health of mothers and newborns, documenting the care provided for a more streamlined, informed response.

The Challenge: Quality Care & Data Gaps

In Uttar Pradesh, providing the best possible care during childbirth wasn't just about resources, but also about information availability. Real-time decision-making and long-term care planning faced hurdles due to gaps in data flow from labor rooms.

MaNTrA: Addressing the Challenge, Reaching Families

MaNTrA tackles this head-on, bringing the following strengths to the system:

  • Digital Empowerment, Informed Care: Real-time insights on the app and dashboard let providers make the best choices for their patients, enhance clinical skills, and improve resource allocation.
  • Beneficiary Focus: Mothers benefit from hassle-free services thanks to MaNTrA streamlining vital care. Birth registration and timely JSY payments (financial support) are faster, they receive crucial newborn health info directly, and can share valuable feedback about their experience via the platform.
  • System-Wide Change: Smart integrations with government platforms (eKavach, ABHA) ensure data continuity from pregnancy to immunization, reducing paperwork, optimizing care across the system, and easing the load on frontline workers.

Technology Meets Human Needs: MaNTrA's Tools

  • Android app for Health Facilities (Online & Offline): Ensures usability even in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Web App for Health Facilities: Offers easy access and data management on desktops.
  • Web-based admin and reporting system: For seamless administration and tracking.
  • Web dashboard (GIS enabled): Visualizes real-time data, powered by R-shiny and python, for smarter interventions.
  • SMS-based beneficiary feedback system, SMS Reminders & Alerts: Keeping both providers and families informed throughout the process.

Data-Driven Results

  • Over 4.2 million deliveries recorded: Real-world data informs improvements across the system.
  • Measurable Improvements: Key delivery quality indicators (immunization rates, C-section appropriateness, referrals) are now tracked digitally, aiding targeted interventions.
  • Transparency & Timelines: Direct Benefit Transfers have become more efficient, reducing follow-up stress for mothers. Automated reporting speeds up processes for staff, while patient-generated data enhances system agility.

Collaboration is Key

MaNTrA's success reflects the impact of the NHM, UNICEF, and Tattva Foundation coming together with a shared vision. Building in sustainability alongside scalability was intentional – it's seamlessly embedded within NHM systems, leading to widespread adoption for the maximum benefit of families across Uttar Pradesh.

The Future of MaNTrA

Tattva Foundation and our partners remain committed to expanding MaNTrA. From stronger connections with communities to deeper integrations within existing systems, we work towards a healthcare experience that's smoother, data-powered, and high-quality for mothers and children.

Application workflow


Photos from the field

Applications Developed

Mobile, Web, or Dashboard

Integrated MIS Web

MaNTrA is a maternal and newborn tracking application used to capture all deliveries conducted in labor rooms across all public health facilities in Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 230 million..

MANTRA - Maa Navjaat Tracking App

MaNTrA is a maternal and newborn tracking application used to capture all deliveries conducted in labor rooms across all public health facilities in Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 230 million..

Dashboard Data Analysis

Mantra Application Dashboard is a Shiny based analytics platform that provides near real-time insights on a wide range of maternal and newborn health..