Stop Diarrhoea Helpline Save the Children, India


Feb 2017-Feb 2019

Project Domain



Two districts of Uttar Pradesh

Number of Users

- Users

About Project

An Integrated helpline for capturing, tracking, educating the patients of Diarrhea which has been built on Web-based platform. An offline and online training has been provided to the Helpline executives.

  • Operate and manage Stop Diarrhea Initiative and routine immunizations toll-free helpline. Counsel, follow-up, track and advice reported cases. Design and operate online platforms for digitization as well as monitoring of calls. Design and develop online reports and R-Shiny based visualization analytics dashboard for quick time tracking and related analysis. Automated and intelligent platforms to deliver bulk voice and text based health messages and reminders to beneficiaries, should also use MCTS and BRISK data for sending messages. Voice based interactive surveys among the target population in the project implementation areas. Ability to integrate with govt. helpline numbers. Call management, design and development of online tools for call management and monitoring,
  • Design and development of R-Shiny based analytics and dashboards. Integration of text messages and voice messages related to health issues.