Kanya Vaani Helpline Garhwa District Administrati on Jharkhandd India



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Kanya Vaani Helpline designed and operationalized an exclusive helpline for adolescent and young girls in the district of Garhwa. The helpline acts as a bridge for provision of relevant information from the district administration and career counselling support. The helpline also captures grievances that need to be addressed by the district administration

  • Modules: Decision support system, Helpline and Database Management
  • Technology: PHP, DB MIS, Integrated Helpline
  • Products developed: Web based platforms (1), Dashboards (1), Helpline numbers/Helpline system (2)
  • Description of actual services provided: Requirement analysis, Application development, Application testing, roll out and day to day support and supervision, training to end users and managers, Training to the helpline executives, server management and application maintenance support, helpline support