Nutrition International Damoh, Madhya Pradesh and Vadodara Gujarat


Sept 2023 - ongoing

Project Domain

Maternal and child health/ Anemia


Damoh, Madhya Pradesh and Vadodara Gujarat

Number of Users

516 (as of Feb 2024) Users

Target users

Front line health workers(ASHA,ANM,CHO, ASHA supervisors)

About the project:

ANIKA (Anemia Information and Knowledge Accelerator) is a WhatsApp-based chatbot at the core of this implementation action research project. The project investigates the effectiveness of ANIKA in tackling anemia in the select intervention blocks in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The project aims to empower beneficiaries and frontline healthcare workers (ANMs) and thereby improving the maternal health outcomes by:

  • Enhancing Last-Mile Visibility: Streamlining the tracking and estimation of iron and folic acid (IFA) supplements ensures their timely availability for pregnant women.
  • Delivering Targeted Behavior Change: The chatbot goes beyond tracking by providing targeted messages directly to beneficiaries, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.
  • Leveraging Data for Improvement: The chatbot gathers valuable data on user engagement, allowing for continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making.

Our Approach: A Multi-Pronged Strategy Informed by Design Science :

Tattva's approach combines the power of technology with a deep understanding of public health challenges, following a Design Science Research (DSR) framework:

  • Technology Integration: ANIKA leverages the abundant reach of WhatsApp to reach healthcare workers and beneficiaries directly.
  • Behavior Change Communication: Targeted messages delivered through the chatbot promote healthy behaviors and adherence to IFA supplementation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Data collected through the chatbot informs the current scenario and key improvements to be envisaged.
  • Pregnant women registered -96
  • Lactating women registered -32
  • Preconception women registered - 5
  • ASHAs registered -269
  • ANMs registered-71
  • CHOs registered - 41

ANIKA's development and evaluation will involve multiple phases

Problem Identification and Motivation

Conduct rapid assessment to clearly define and understand challenges faced and how anika can address them

Design and Development

Design ANIKA's functionalities, user interface, and conversational flow based on DSR principles like feasibility, relevance, and rigor. Utilize AI techniques for personalization, gamification, and language processing

Evaluation and Refinement

Implement ANIKA in a pilot setting and collect user feedback through surveys, interviews, and usage data analysis. Iterate on the design based on the findings to improve usability, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.

Dissemination and Impact

Share the research findings and ANIKA's design through publications, presentations, and workshops. Analyse ANIKA's impact on AMB program outcomes, such as increased IFA tablet utilization and improved anemia awareness.

Key features of ANIKA


Photos from the field

Design Science Process

Research Rapid Assessment

Rapid Assessment of FA, IFA & Calcium Supply Chain in Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat

Digital Intervention WhatsApp-Based Chatbot

WhatsApp-Based Chatbot - ANIKA – Anemia Information and Knowledge Accelerator.